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There Is Nothing Like Goan Cuisine, Try Most Amazing Food of Goa

26 Nov 2022 04:03 PM
There Is Nothing Like Goan Cuisine, Try Most Amazing Food of Goa


Goa is a heaven on the earth because of its climate. In fact, the tropical climate has impacted a lot the food of Goa, which actually makes Goan food intense in both spices and flavors. Since Goa was a Portuguese colony before 1961, their food is highly influenced by the Portuguese. As a result, you will enjoy some authentic, fiery, and mouthwatering Goan cuisine. The staple food of Goa people is rice and fish curry. They use rice, coconuts, meat, pork, and a local spice called kokum in most of their dishes. Below mentioned are some of the must-try Goan cuisines when you plan a trip to Goa!

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1. Goan fish curry


One of the greatest joys of visiting the beach paradise, Goa is getting a chance to tasting authentic and spicy Goan fish curry. Usually, it is served with the steamed rice. The fish used in this curry differs from shark fish, mackerels, Pomfret, and so on. The method of preparing Goan curry is extremely simple but its taste remains in your tongue even after a few hours. 

2. Chicken Xacuti


One of the most popular recopies of Goan food is Chicken Xacuti. This delectable dish is infused with ample of spices to render a lip-smacking taste. The spices used to prepare this dish are quite similar to those accessed in the Garam masala and Punjabi curry powder. It also contains Kashmiri red chilies and poppy seeds, which is another Portuguese influenced item. Its hot flavor and color surely treat your taste buds. 

3. Prawn Balchao


At the first sight, you may be confused prawn balchao with the prawn pickle, as it looks much similar. This lip-smacking dish has an excellent flavor and taste, which can be stored for more than a month. This dish is prepared with the perfect blend of ingredients such as feni. It is often served with the boiled rice or pav.

4. Chicken cafreal


To make your Goa vacation unforgettable, you should try out Chicken Cafreal. This appetizing dish is a perfect combination of Goan and Portuguese cuisine. Usually, this amazing dish is prepared with the chicken leg pieces and marinated with the vibrant and hot green spicy paste with the unique blend of aromatic spices. 

5. Feijoada


Are you a lover of eating pork? Well, you should never miss out Feijoada because it is a perfect stew of pork and red beans. It is another Portuguese influenced recipe, which makes everyone drool. Red beans, salted pork, and masala are mixed to prepare this exotic dish. Instead of using water for the gravy, coconut milk is added sometimes so that it renders a unique flavor and thick gravy consistency. You can enjoy this fabulous dish with pois and rice.

6. Pork Vindaloo


Another mesmerizing dish for pork lovers is pork vindaloo, which surely treats your taste buds than anything else in the world. This traditional Goan dish is flavored with a great amount of garlic, vinegar, and chilies. It is extremely tangible and spicy so that it becomes a perfect dish for all the food lovers. 

Try these lip-smacking dishes when you visit Goa the next time and let your taste buds enjoy the enticing taste of Goan cuisine.

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