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The Hungry Ghosts of Hong Kong

Traditional Chinese belief

This festival is based on traditional Chinese belief in which on the seventh month in the lunar calendar, the restless spirits roam the earth and Chinese people make food to feed restless ghost and their own ancestors, particularly on the 15th day, it is basically famous as the Yu Lan or Hungry Ghost Festival. This festival is something similar to Halloween in Europe. Chinese people believe that those spirits who have been released into the world from Hell visit and require food. If you wish to visit china then you must visit at this time to gain an insight into the Chinese belief systems.

When you visit China at the time Hungry Ghost Festival then you will get to see the culture and practices of Chinese people and you will see people worship the ancestors. Here you will find people tending roadside fires and burning faux money along with many other offerings for ghosts and ancestors that ghost can use. People keep the food so that hungry ghost can to sate the appetite. One of the main highlights of this festival that one should never miss is the Chinese operas which are organized on temporary bamboo stages.


It is a Chinese festival

Hungry Ghost Festival is originated in China and it is mainly celebrated by Chinese people in Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore, it is one of the most important festivals among Chinese people. According to the Chinese calendar, the seventh lunar month is also known as the ghost month and this time Gates of Hell are opened and spirits come to earth and roam around. Basically three days are more important during this month.

The First Day
The First Day_1432292123e11.JPG

The first day of this month is very important as Chinese people believe that it is the time when the hell gates are opened and the spirits get released. At this time believers offer food and incense. These offerings are set up outside homes on the altars so that ghost can easily find them. People in china offer food to every ghost so that dangerous spirit may not feel offended, and cause any harm to the family.

The 15th Day:

The second important day is the 15th day of that month and at this time the Ghost Festival takes place. On this particular day both Buddhists and Taoists conduct much ritual to reduce the suffering of the spirits. Both Buddhists and Taoists have the same belief that on this day both the gates of heaven and hell get open. On this particulate people in china set tasty and delicious food outside their homes in night to feed ghost. On this particular month no auspicious activity could take place.

The Last Day:

Chinese people believe that, on the last day of this particular month the gates are closed and people start doing chants to guide the spirits back to their world. It is the end of one of the most curious festival and this festival gives you a real picture of the Chinese culture and belief system.



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