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Places To Visit Near Varanasi Airport

Places To Visit Near Varanasi Airport


Varanasi is an ancient city and holds much importance in the Hindu religion and mythologies. It is one of the seven holy cities of the Hindus and is famous for its temples and Ghats. Apart from them, there are many other attractions in the city. Don't forget to have some popular street food of the city that includes Kachoris, Jalebis, Puri Sabzee and Shahi Lassi that are just delicious. 


If you are traveling through Varanasi Airport and there is ample time in hand, you can visit some of the attractive locations in the city. We will list out a few of them over here.  

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1. Assi Ghat


It is one of the most popular Ghats in the city and is a perfect place for seeking spirituality. It is in the southern part of the city and the attraction here is the lingam of Lord Shiva that is there under a peepal tree through the ages and pilgrims come to worship it here in large numbers. 


You can also watch the alluring aarti that is carried out here every evening. It perfectly captures the spirit of Kashi and anyone can be spellbound by the Ghat's charm during the aarti.

3. Dashashwamedh Ghat


The Ganga Aarti or the Agni Puja, as it is popularly known here, is a tourist attraction of the place that takes place every evening. It is one of the most colorful Ghats of this small city and legend has it that Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, sacrificed ten horses over here in a ritual and hence the name. You can also get a boat ride in the Ganges and see the aarti from the boat that looks quite glamorous.  

4. Kashi Vishwanatha Temple

Kashi Vishwanatha Temple


The temple consists of a series of small shrines in the Vishwanatha Galli. The structure of the temple is simple yet highly alluring. It is also one of the 12 Jyotirlingas that are mentioned in the Hindu scriptures and is, therefore, considered very sacred. No visit to the city can be deemed complete without visiting it. Visit this temple to get a view of the Lord Shiva's idol that is the main deity here. 

5. Manikarnika Ghat


It is the main cremation area of the city and is a highly auspicious place for Hindus to be cremated here. All sin of a person is supposed to be cleaned over here once the pyre is lit. The sight of candle-lit flower bowls and glowing pyres in the evening sun can be a sight to behold here as nothing can be compared to it. You can just keep looking at the sight and that can be spellbinding.   

6. Lotus Loung


If you want to just chill out in the city, you can visit the Lotus Lounge which is a relaxing place over the Mansarowar Ghat. It has a spacious terrace replete with Tatami mats and lounge cushions that can provide ample comfort to any distressed soul. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate over here in the pleasant ambiance as you soak yourself in the winter sun.

7. Alamgir Mosque


If you are a devout Muslim, pay obeisance at the Alamgir Mosque as it means a lot for the Muslims. It is a superb architectural genius that was built during the Mughal era in the 17th century by Aurangzeb and stands tall even today for all its grandeur. One can get a sense of the building masterpiece of those times and that can feel quite overwhelming.


There are a lot of places of tourist interest in this small city apart from all the discussed ones. You can easily spend some time at either of them and have a nice time before you leave the city. All these places will create an impression of the city's mystic charm on you. 

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