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Go Crazy In The Weirdest Theme Parks

Visiting a theme park is a modern phenomena that has become an integral part of the contemporary society. The tightly packed daily schedule of our routine stuff hardly leaves us with any holiday in a stipulated period of time. This is very much applicable to the urban population who bears the direct burnt of this evil of current times. The only alternative that remains is the option of going out with the family consisting kids in many cases every weekend or in the odd holidays. But in town or a city, crowded by cars and buildings, it is a hard job to get a place where everyone can enjoy. The only solution to this problem is the theme parks. In today's world, every major city in the world has got their own entertainment tools. But when it comes to some of the most weird theme parks some names steal the show. Today, it is an attempt to figure out those mad centers:

Bon Bon Land, Denmark

A true example of madness in public, this crazy theme park is located in Denmark and was opened for the people in 1998. The entire park is full of gross concepts mixed with humour, sometimes filthy. On one hand, you will find the replicas of innocent farm creatures that might melt your heart when you see them in real life; but in the replicas in this park, they are making somewhat bizarre and obscene expressions which can even make you dislike them! It features a roller coaster ride which they call the Dog Fart Coaster which is a haven for some more lewd stuff with pigs statues displaying some human intimate limbs. That's not all, the park goes through many modification that adds new rides and other attractions. Keeping all the scatological aspects aside, Bon Bon Land is a great place with roller coasters, rafting, fun shows and events. 

Grutas Park, Lithuania

Can you imagine a theme park with barb wired compound and surveyed by watch towers? If you have been to Grutas Park in Lithuania, you will reply in the affirmative. This place doesn't fit to the popular and common definition of theme parks with the central idea behind is human oppression. Often known as the Stalins World and  the park of totalitarianism , Grutas Park is built by Vilumas Malinauskas accommodates over 100 statues, most prominent of them are of Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Dzerzhinsky and Lenin. In order to bring some lightness and joyous feel, the park authorities have opened an inbuilt zoo with ostriches and peacocks.

Holy Land, Florida

This one is an odd match to the definition of a theme park, yet no one can ignore it for the spiritual and educational value that it manifests. Based on the life of Jesus, this park situated in Orlando, Florida re- stages several events in the life of the prophet. A dream land for the hardcore devotees of the Christ, the park is built in the model of a town that resembles the ancient city of Jerusalem. You can find a market place, a Temple, a Judean Village and many other odd aspects that marks the essence of life in those days.

One of the oldest theme parks in the world built back in 1937, Haw Par Villa is situated in Singapore. The central idea of the park revolves round the fol tales of Chinese literature. Earlier known as the Tiger Balm Gardens, Haw Par Villa is packed with some 1000 statues that are derived from the Chinese stories and are under deep influence of Confucianism. Apart from the statues, you will find 150 dioramas scattered around showing different scenes from Chinese folk culture.

Chocolate Wonderland, China

Opened very recently in January 2010 in China, Chocolate Wonderland is like a dream scene with every around made of chocolate. The park is a collection of items doused and soaked in chocolate that measures up to 176,000 pound. Loved all alike by the grown ups and the kids, here you will find that Great Wall of China in chocolate and even a classy chocolate BMW! All the stuff are preserved in glass boxes to prevent it form melting down. Going to a normal theme park in your own place is far more different than visiting one in a foreign country. The time you spend in these whacky parks are surely something you will cherish. 

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