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10 Most Expensive Pets

White Lion Cubs

The cubs are priced at a whooping 140,000 USD These extremely rare lions get the color due to a recessive gene The white lion cubs are usually found at the zoo in a controlled environment Hard to procure for private ownership, the owners need to search hard for the breeders and be ready to shell out the asking price

Though illegal to own, chimpanzees can be bought at a price north of 65,000 USD These primates are similar to humans in behavior, and fancied as pets due to a high level of intelligence Extremely social and weighing up to 70 Kilos, Chimpanzees are used to vast open spaces of the forests, they can become a liability when confined to small homes Their upkeep and maintenance incurs additional costs to the owner
Savannah Cat

These rare cats can cost up to 22,000 USD They are rare because of the difficulty in crossing a domestic cat with the large eared African wild cat-Serval The price goes up depending on the percentage of the Serval gene in the offspring The spotted pattern derived from the African parent is the only accepted pattern by TICA
Palm Cockatoo

This exotic native of New Guinea, and far north Queensland can cost up to 16,000 USD The Cocakatoos can be 2 feet in length and live up to 60 years These birds are black in color, with red stripes near the eye Despite their expensive and strict diet, they are in demand due to their unusual looks
Hyacinth Macaw

Macaw is the largest flying parrot in the world and can cost more than 11,000 USD Its wingspan is up to 4 feet and the bird itself is 3.5 feet in length Native to central, and eastern South America, the bird is prone to biting and can be threatening if not trained well The birds have been classified as endangered due to increasing pet trade
Capuchin Monkey

Owning the smart Capuchin monkey can cost up to 10,000 USD This species of monkeys has become popular as a pet after starring in various Hollywood movies, and TV shows The monkeys are very intelligent, and make their own tools, understand the concept of money, and protect themselves from mosquitoes by rubbing crushed millipedes on themselves With a life span of 50 years, the monkeys can cause a lot of destruction due to hyperactivity and are an expensive pet
Pastel Butter Stripe Ball Python

To own this kind of a python, one must spend at least 7,500 USD These pythons can grow up to 5 feet in length, and live for 30 years They are considered a good pet due to their passive nature, and manageable size Their unique markings make them a hot item in the pet market Plan Tour Packages
The Bengal Cat

Though people claim to be buying these cats for cheaper, buying this specie can cost upto USD 3,000 The cat is a cross between domestic short haired black cat, and the Asian leopard Approved by TICA, the cats are preferred due to their leopard like spots but domestic behavior
Tibetan Mastiff

Though this royal dog costs up to 2,000 USD, a recent record sale was made for 1.9 Million USD This mountain shepherd breed weighs up to 72 Kgs, and is 3 feet tall when on all fours Used to mountains, and colder climates, the dog can live up to 14 years Proper feeding and vet attention make the dog an expensive buy in domestic environment

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