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About Velanganni

Things to do in Velanganni

The small town of the Southern region of India, Velanganni is a beautiful place. One can enjoy following activities here:
A visit to the church in the night:
Visiting the Velanganni Church in the night is the best experience to witness the true spirit of this place. The night view of the lightened Church, the cool breezes from the beaches and the moonlight makes a picturesque view to adore. You can find many people enjoying the majesty of this place.
Pay your offerings:
The Church is renowned for granting wishes if you pray with true heart. You can offer the Lady of the Church whatever you like and make a wish which is sure to some true.

Places to see in Velanganni

Velankanni homes many incredible places and each one of them is a must visit. To make you a precise list here are the prime tourist places in Velankanni:
Velankanni Church:
One of the most revered religious sites of Velankanni, the Velankanni church is made in the honor of the Lady of Health also known as Madona of Velankanni. The telltales state that Mother Mary appeared in the dreams of Father Arulappa and asked him to build a church on her name. Built in the 16th century the Church represents the excellence of the architecture back then. The Gothic styled building is painted in a combination of white (walls) and red (roof).There is also a chapel in the church where in the month of November annual feast is organized on a great scale.
Velankanni Beach:
Renowned as the Lourdes of the East, the Velankanni Beach is a must visit place in Velankanni. Bordering the coastline of the Bay of Bengal the beach offers you a perfect chance to doze under the bright sun and enjoy the cool breezes. It was once a primary port of trade with the countries like Rome & Greece. The Church of our Lady is located in the proximity of this beach only.
Velankanni Church Museum:
The Velankanni Church houses a museum inside that showcases the many offering presented to the Mother Mary by the devotees. The offerings represent the gratitude of the devotees as they are granted with their wishes by Mother Mary.
Established in 1991, Nagapattinam is the main district under which Velankanni falls. It is a beautiful place that is rich with many beaches. The beaches of Nagapattinam and stretched along the Bay of Bengal and are simply mesmerizing.

Food and Shopping in Velanganni

Food in Velankanni:
There are many small restaurants along the beach that serve you the tangy and tasty Fish Fry. You can also relish a perfect cup of filter coffee in Velankanni. The authentic south Indian food here needs no explanation, one can also relish North Indian food while in the town.
Shopping in Velankanni:
If you love art and craft, Velankanni is the right place for you. You can buy an array of handicrafts in this town that are made to perfection. There are many shops on the beaches that sell beautiful crafts. You may buy them as a souvenir. You may also buy some rich and intricately woven silk material. The beaches sell silk dresses and also scarves for the ladies. You can also buy some beautiful candles here.

How to reach Velanganni

By Bus
The road connectivity of the town is well established. There are several buses run by Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, connecting Velanganni with the rest of the country. One can also take a private-run bus to reach this beach town. You can travel in luxury if you wish by taking a Volvo to reach Velanganni.
By Taxi
The ride of a taxi will offer you the best view of the town. You can take a taxi from any nearby town. Though a little expensive but taxi travel is the most recommended mode of travel to Velanganni.
By Train
The Nagapattinam Railway station serves all the rail travel needs of the town. Located at a distance of 12 kilometers from the town, Nagapattinam Railway station has good connectivity to the other cities of the nation. There is a daily train that plies between Chennai Egmore and Velankanni.
By Air
The nearest airport to Velanganni is Tiruchirapalli Airport. It is located at a distance of 165 kilometers from the main city and has regular flights from the major cities of India. One can take a bus of hire a taxi from here to reach Velanganni.
Velanganni Distance from near by Places
Velanganni Distance Trichy: 123 kilometers
Velanganni Distance Puducherry: 158 Kilometers
Velanganni Distance Kodaikanal: 348 Kilometers
Velanganni Distance Kanyakumari: 384 kilometers
Velanganni Distance Rameswaram: 255 kilometers

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