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Nature Walk

Photo by: osprey
5 ★
AreaKerala, India
Plan before:4 days
Ranking#7 of things to do in Periyar
Prices starting: 2120/night
TypeAdventure, Wildlife, Friends
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About Nature Walk

Popularly known as the guided day trek, the nature walk of Thekkady is a program which is undertaken by the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. This is basically a 12km single way trek. As far as the guides are concerned, local tribal people from the local communities are taken. There is no need to worry about anything as the tribal people know the area very well.

In this program, the visitor is introduced with a rich green side view of the forests. Don’t expect to find any wild animals easily. But at the same time, you will be able to see various kinds of birds and beautiful butterflies. This trail passes through the forest which is evergreen in nature. The duration is 3 hours and will calm your mind down.

Reviews for Nature Walk (1)
5 ★
My overall experience in Nature Walk was Excellent.
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