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Jalandhar Shiv Mandir

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About Jalandhar Shiv Mandir

The Shiv Mandir is positioned at Gur Mandi in the city of Jalandhar that is a widely known and commemorated temple of the Hindus. The Temple became based by using the Nawab of Sultanpur Lodhi who built the temple near Masjid Imam Nasar. The Temple well-known a combination of Muslim Hindu structure. The essential gate of the temple is constructed within the style of a mosque whilst the relaxation of the constructing famous the Hindu style. Shiv Mandir, Gur- Mandi, Jalandhar is one of the maximum historical temples of the area, which represents the deep religious fervor of Punjab.

The temple is placed inside the coronary heart of a hectic market of the "Gur- Mandi", the primary deity of the the temple is Lord Shiva which bears relics of the brilliant architectural capability of the historical instances. The temple is built thru a Muslim "Nawab" of the "Lodhi dynasty"; adjoining to the mosque of Imam Nasar, the age antique temple is a dwelling witness of religious tolerance which has introduced approximately down throughout the centuries to the present day length. The well-known temple of Lord Shiva showcases the engineering skills of the human beings of the bygone days. The temple gives a perfect combination of the Hindu and Muslim architecture. While the entrance to the sacred temple became modeled after the gate of a mosque, the opposite buildings of the temple bears a wealthy fashion of the Hindu structure.

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