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Glimpse of Cultural Architecture at Baha i Lotus Temple

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About Glimpse of Cultural Architecture at Baha i Lotus Temple

One usually draws a simile when compares the architectural beauty of Bahai Temple with Opera House of Sydney, Australia. One of the noted attraction of India, the Bahai or Lotus Temple can be easily spotted at Kalkaji in south of Delhi, India. Due to its spectacular designing like a half opened Lotus flower, 27 awesomely look white petals of a revealing lotus prepared from marble spring from nine pools and alleys its appearance beautifully proves that it is a mecca for tourists of different backgrounds. Its history of formation is worth-praising, underscoring the diligent team who worked hard to prepare it as one of the most convoluted compositions in the world. However, the actual credit should be given to the Persian architect Fariborz Sahba from Canada for its formation, resulting in scores of visitors visiting on daily basis. Representing typical Bahai House of Worship, it emerges with great humanitarian approach with broad outlook and scientific details. It also manifests peace, serenity, purity, and thus successfully considers to be a syncretism of worlds nine great religions. It has great aesthetic value, and its new contemporary look has persuaded many people to come here. Once you are here undergo complete meditation totally barefoot at its plain central Hall, which is about 34.27m high, and try to imbibe the devout scriptures inscribed on the petal alcoves. Moreover, it can seat up to around 2500 people at a time, and here each perspective is marvelously curved helping you to understand its age-old majesty. So, do not skip a sightseeing trip to tour de force of this material structure, particularly when accessing the location is merely a childs play.

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