Dragon Boat Festival 2017

Event Name : Dragon Boat Festival 2017
Venue : Hong Kong
Start Date : Tuesday, 30-May-2017
End Date : Tuesday, 30-May-2017

Dragon Boat Festival, otherwise known as Double Fifth Festival is a major event in the Chinese territory. It is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. Essentially a summer festival, it was observed to drive away the negative spirits form the land of China. But soon enough, it became an event dedicated to the memory of the Chinese poet- Qu Yuan. Dragon Boat Festival amalgamates the traditional elements of a religious occasion with the excitement, thrill and glory of a sporting event which gives it an niche touch. The prime attarction and highlight of this event is the famous Dragon Boat Race. Organized by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF), this race is a real crowd puller. Long and elaborate slender boats with decorated dragon heads and tails are navigated by 20-22 rowers to the beat of heavy drums. Drummers and paddlers work in a majestic tandem simultaneously in an awesome build-up of passion and excitement through the air. Dragon boat race symbolize the Chinese virtues of teamwork and cooperation. At the same time, it prays for the community and ask divine blessings for happiness and prosperity for everyone. To consolidate it, the people on this day wear talismans to ward off the devil. As a traveller you can nonetheless, try the Xiong Huang wine that is a sort of a hallmark for the event.


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