All about Chengdu - Panda breeding center in China

All about Chengdu - Panda breeding center in China

  Chengdu research base of giant Panda breeding which is also known as the Chengdu Panda Base is a place where breeding of giant pandas are done and some other rare animals. It is basically a non-profit organization that performs numerous research programs regarding the breeding of Pandas. This breeding center is located at Chengdu which is in Sichuan of China. This base was first established in the year 1987. In the beginning, it started its proceedings by saving six big pandas. Later on, when it started growing the breeding rate of Pandas increased and by the year 2008, the total number of pandas was about 124 and the pandas that were under captivity for treatment purpose was about 80. 

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Here is a list for you - All about Chengdu - Panda breeding center in China

1. Partnerships with other organizations


Chengdu Panda base has successfully been in partnership with numerous other organizations in helping the pandas and conserving their numbers. Partnership with the organization named Zoo Atlanta helped Chengdu Base to give back the loan of two healthy pandas. These two Pandas were named Yang Yang, and Lun Lun had healthily given birth to 5 baby pandas. These pandas were named Mei Lan who was born in 2008, Xi Lan who was also born in 2008, Po who was born on November 2, 2010, Mei Lun and Mei Huan who were born in 2013.  

2. Chengdu Panda base has successfully been in partnership with the following organizations

Chengdu Panda base has successfully been in partnership with the following organizations


1. Adventure World which is located in Shirahama, Japan. 
2. East Bay Zoological Society which is situated in Oakland, California.
3. The University of Liverpool situated in England, UK.
4. National Institute of Health or National Cancer Institution situated in the United States of America. 
5. National Zoological Park in Washington D.C. 
6. Nihon University situated in Tokyo.
7. The Oakland China Wildlife preservation Foundation which is situated at California. 
8. San Diego Zoo which is in the United States. 
9. Japan University
10. Edinburg Zoo which is in Scotland.
11. Calgary Zoo situated in Calgary. 

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3. The scientific researches on the giant pandas


Scientists belonging to the Chengdu Panda base have come up with special and innovative ideas regarding the betterment of the giant pandas. These research proceedings have helped the organization a lot in tackling problems regarding different matters which includes:

1. Artificial feeding of the cubs or baby pandas. 
2. Management of the giant pandas who have been kept under captivity for treatment purposes.
3. Breeding of pandas and their measures regarding the looking after of cubs. 
4. Genetic management of different pandas. 
5. The bottleneck regarding many technologies. 

The research has grown greatly with time and has been successful in winning many prestigious awards at the national and international level. More than seventy projects won distinguished prizes, and about 14 different national invention patents and model patents that can be utilized have been achieved over time. The Panda base is known for its strong point in the research field and technologically advanced proceedings and huge experience in treating pandas over time has won the most prestigious "National Advanced Collective of Technical Personnel" in the year of 2014. 

4. Education provided regarding the conservation of the giant pandas


Education is necessary for anything before application. Education people and making them aware of the need and requirement of panda conservation can help to a greater extent. This Base started educating the common people by letting them know the whereabouts and all relevant details of giant pandas. The education procedures aimed at making the people understand the necessity of conserving the pandas and taking one step forward towards the betterment of the pandas. 

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5. Tourism of Giant Panda


The Base has set up certain places for proper management of the pandas. Feeding needs to be done in a clean and germ-free environment, and the hygiene needs to be taken care of. There also must be special delivery rooms for the pregnant pandas so that they can give birth to a healthy offspring. The research stations must be technologically advanced which aims at providing all the facilities towards the welfare of the pandas. These places are mainly built in the mountain forest so as to get a healthy natural atmosphere. Giant pandas belonging to different age categories grow, breed and live here in peace.  

6. Conclusion



Chengdu-Panda breeding center in China is spread over a huge area of 330 acres which is often called the "Panda Valley." This Panda Valley is 50 km from Chengdu, and 3 km from Dujiangyan provides an amazing travel experience to the tourists via the Chengdu-Dujiangan expressway. The entire area is well furnished with for a and fauna keeping the environment natural as much as possible so that the giant pandas can live there in peace without any hesitation or problem; hence sustainable development of the pandas is maintained.   

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