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Place: Palacio de Bellas Artes- A Home to Ballet Folkl?rico

The Palaceio de Bellas Artes happens to be the most important cultural center in Mexico City, Mexico. It is perfect to showcase the highly glamorous Ballet Folklrico thrice a week regaling you with some smashing moves. It is an event of pre- and post-Hispanic dancing that focuses on agricultural dances from Jalisco, Aztec ritual dances, a wedding celebration, a fiesta in Veracruz, etc.- all related with marimba players, mariachis, dancers and singers. Further, you may see the women performing in gaudy outfits and usually go barefoot to familiarize you with the authentic culture of the country, and thus emerge as a gleaming display for your eyes. However, one feels so emotionally overwhelmed by the Ballet Folklrico presentation that somehow doesn't mind ignoring what other groups have for him. Due to the overbooking of several other events planned for foreign opera companies, its venue shifts to the National Auditorium in Chapultepec Park. Its various ballet works and musical pieces gratify you with folk music genres, and many of the ensemble's works like the indigenous Mesoamerican traditions tend to recreate your mind, body and soul. The maximum age to participate in the show ranges from twenty to over thirty-five years old so that their zealous approach while performing the three kinds of Ballet Folklorico performances like Mestizo, Danza, and Bailes Rejionales (Regional dances) succeeds in making Mexico your best vacation spot. However, it is a best way to stumble upon eminent dancers each week. So, fight harder for the tickets and see yourself amidst a whirl of colors on Sunday morning (9.30am), Sunday evening (8.30pm) and Wednesday evening again at (8:30pm).

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