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Wat Phra Kaew Temple of Emerald Buddha

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About Wat Phra Kaew Temple of Emerald Buddha

It is known as the most wonderful siamese temple in Thailand. The temple is situated in the royal palace compound. The statue of emerald Buddha is placed inside the temple. The palace as well as the temple is the proud of Thailand. Golden spires, 100 brightly colored buildings, and sparkling mosaics enhances the beauty of the temple. The exterior designing of the ground floor include different images of mythical figures, elephant, lion, oxen, monkey and birds. One can see thousands of golden statues along with different mythical figures like half bird and half human. The wall of the temple is decorated by tiles made of glass mosaics. The paintings adorned on the walls enrich the ambience of the temple. A 66m and 26 inch high statue of emerald Buddha is located inside the temple which is seated on a multi-stepped altar. The door of the temple is uniquely designed with classy architecture. As per the Buddhist cosmology, the wall is designed in a splendid style. The interior designing of the temple include wall paintings illustrating the jataka tales. The paintings on the altar of the statue represent Buddhas conquest over the demon Mara. Buddha could suppress her and could achieve the enlightenment. Like other Buddha temples, you have to take off your shoes to get into it. The image of the Buddha was considered to be so sacred that other than the king, no one was allowed to touch it. As the season used to change, the Thai king used to change the ceremonial dresses of the statue to ensure good luck in coming days. The temple stands unique in Thailand, as it doesnt have resident monks.One cannot see a seat of Buddhist learning here like in other famous temples of Thailand. Some rules to follow
You have to shed your shoes before you enter to the temple. You should not be inappropriately dressed. Your skin, lower legs and toes should be covered properly. If you are offering prayers, you should not extend your legs towards the temple. Other important parts the Temple
One can see a miniature form of the well known Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia. To preserve the ancient Buddhist literature two libraries are there. The beauty of those libraries is also unique. Seven full size statues of the seven kings of the Chakri dynasty are also unique. Only on 6th April The Royal Pantheon is opened to public.

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