in this time of tactic schedules, a highly formated life and cities blanketed by pollution one tend to run away from all this at least for some time the mind and heart start seeking it change from the deadlines, time zones, continuous commuting and you desperately start wishing to escape for someplace that offers solace and natural beauty. when I started thinking of giving myself a break and deciding about the destination Dehradun was the first and the last name came to my mind. just imagining about the town which lies cradled between the Himalayan range on the banks of the falls filled me with great thrill. Dehradun was established as a major summer visit site in the 20 th century. while searching about it I ha da definite feeling as if the city which is a gateway many mountain rain expeditions is welcoming us. te overshadowing mountain ranges, the cultural history, the feeling of being apart of nature all feelings are there in the tourist's heart but the best thing is the competent naturalness without any artificiality which made us feel belonged the moment we started in a cab from Rishikesh. firstly we moved on to sehestradhaara is a land blessed with diverse natural beauty, and thus attracts hordes of tourists to its boundaries every year. Among the several attractions that make up the natural charm of Dehradun city, one of the most prominent ones is sahastradhara. it is located at a distance of about 14 kilometers from the city and is one of the most popular tourist attractions here. the name sahastradhara translates into ‘thousand fold spring’ and is characterized by a beautiful waterfall. river Baldi flows through a great height with caves on each side. you should visit this spot during the monsoon season when the river gushes off the cliff, offering spectacular scenery. also, something that makes this spot more special is that there are limestone stalactites here, and the. after full day fun and rest next morning our group moved to the forest research institute in Dehradun is one of the prime attractions in the city and is visited by hundreds of people every day. it is located on kaulagarh road in the northwest center of the city. the institute is a center for research in the field of forestry and also houses the Indira Gandhi national forest academy that trains probationer officers of the Indian forest service. the institute is no less than an infrastructural marvel that proudly flaunts its greek-roman architecture by c.g. Blomfield. it features six museums, each of which is dedicated to a separate field. these include social forestry, pathology, silviculture, timber, non-wood forest products, and entomology. each of the museums has a marvelous collection of items that offer a diverse range ...after so much fun we decided to go somewhere religious place so we have been to Tibetan Buddhist temple. the temple dates back to the year 1965 when it was established by the Tibetan community to safeguard and promote Tibetan culture in India. over the years, it has become a widely popular site among locals as well as tourists who throng its boundaries to reveal the marvel that it is. the temple is characterized by magnificent architecture, beautiful interiors as well as breathtaking gardens that surround it. it is an all-in-one attraction where every person of a group can enjoy. the temple has been constructed in a Japanese architectural style and features a wide variety of paintings depicting the life journey of the buddha. there is also...after the hectic day we came back to our hotel and take the mouth-watering lunch and take some sleep. inn the very next morning we moved to our last and most exciting place of our trip that is tapkeshwar temple is known to be one of the most religiously prominent attractions in the city of Dehradun. it is situated at a small distance from the heart of the city and is very conveniently accessible. it is believed that the temple got its name from the fact that there is an invisible leakage on the ceiling of the temple which gives way to water dripping down the shiva linga, and disappearing when it reaches the surface. dripping water is called ‘tapak’ in Hindi which gives the name tapkeshwar to the temple. the temple is surrounded by natural beauty from all sides and situated on the banks of river tons. it is located inside a cave and also features a beautiful waterfall, which adds to its aesthetic beauty. one of the most significant stories associated with this ... the whole group was looking for an opportunity to have a hot drink and filling meals. many small and beautiful roadside food stalls fulfilled our desire sufficiently. in all our experience one common element was reh friendly and welcoming of the attitude of the local people. you never fault that you do not belong there. the people, mother nature, the magnificent mountain, te flowing rivers all open their arms to the traveler. as if inviting him to visit again n again. very soon it was time to start packing for the return journey. but this time we were accompanied by the beautiful memories of the Dehradun which were not the only invaluable but also timeless.    

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