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Destination: New Caledonia
New Caledonia is a perfect place in the world known for providing you the crispy flavor of Pacific with a tang of France. It is a place where Melanesian traditions amalgamates with French refinement and is enclosed by largest surrounded lagoons of the world. Its marine treasures of various shapes and sizes lie waiting to be discovered. New Caledonia, is popular as special collectivity of France, situated in the subregion of Melanesia in the southwest Pacific. It has occupied the total land area of 18,575.5 sq. kms and its capital city is Noumea, which happens to be the largest city of the territory. The official language of the country is French and other local languages include New Caledonian, Loyalty Island Languages and Tayo. In year 2010, New Caledonia adopted the Kanak Flag, next to the existing French Tricolor, as the dual official flags of the territory. Traveling to New Caledonia will be one of the best experiences of your life. Its Chinatown has vibrant shops, costly elegant, stylish bistros, urban scenery, rolling places of la brousse (the bush), and air-conditioned boutiques. Further, landscapes, lush river valleys, wild coastlines, steep mountains, shopping run the gamut, the smallest of tropical fish, sea snakes and sharks, turtles, exquisite coral, canyons and caves, etc. are immensely helping in increasing countrys tourism.

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