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Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

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About Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

Erected between 15th and 16th century the Lodhi Gardens in New Delhi is a reminder of Sayyid and Lodhi rulers. The garden is a well kept architecture, presented with several added attractions in form of historical draws. Overall look of the garden is very refreshing and thanks to JA Stein and Garrett Eckbo who redesigned this recreational spot meticulously that today it successfully lures the attention of tourists from far and near. As the name suggests the garden is a best choice for pass valuable time with your loved ones. As the intriguing Lodhi Gardens are located in an aristocratic location of Khan Market and Safdarjungs Tomb, so you can easily locate them. It is usually seen that localities use the green environs of the area for their daily morning walk. Along with joggers who all come here primarily include yoga or meditation practitioners in the middle of verdant ambiance. Spread over 90 acres the Lodhi Gardens site is now protected by the Archeological Survey of India. It creates several inspiring options to come here like in the middle of the garden area you get to see the Bara Gumbad or the Big Dome and Sheesh Gumbad or the mirror dome. The remnants of the bygones ruling empires are truly striking for your eyesight. Towards the south-west part of the garden you find the largest of eight graves namely the tomb of Muhammad Shah. Built in ocatangular form and furnished with a verandah and three arched openings, the tomb is predominantly visited for its crowning lotus, flawless symmetry, and dome decorations. For your information another captivating thing to see here is the 16ty century Athpula Bridge, built by Nawab Bahadur under the supremacy of Akbar. You can choose Lodhi Garden as your next stopover for the reason that it has National Bonsai Park with pleasurable combination of small versions of several trees and plants. So come her for to bask in sun especially during winters. Who knows you may feel like eating at Barista or nearby restaurants at Khan Market.

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