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Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves Trip Packages
Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves Trip Packages
Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves Trip Packages

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves

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About Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is known for giving asylum to the imperiled natural life species like panthers, red foxes, serow, musk deer and some more. Moreover, the save likewise houses different types of vegetation like cedrus deodara, pinus griffithii, aesculus indica, and abies pindrow.

Vegetation of the save likewise contains dicotyledonus herbs, alongside bushes like Indigofera heterantha, sorbaria tomentosa, viburnum sp. furthermore, others. Aside from the widely varied vegetation, the hold is prestigious as a characteristic environment of different types of feathered creatures like European hoopoe. Spread over a territory of around 180 sq. km, it offers habitation both occupant and transitory feathered creatures like European hoopoe, snow rooster, wilderness crow, koklas, blue shake pigeon, griffon vulture and Kashmir roller.

Having an elevation that ranges from 2,400 to 4,300 m above ocean level, the save likewise has a populace of fowls and upland feathered creatures. Feathered creatures living in the save additionally incorporate dark red tagopan, monal bird, blood fowl and numerous different species. In the save, birdwatchers can likewise spot griffon vulture, monal, snow chicken, koklas and then some.

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Gulmarg Tour Packages

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Mini Kashmir

5.0 (14 Reviews)
3 Days
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srinagar, dallake, gulmarg, nishat, lal chowk, kashmir, jammu, jammu and kashmir, india

Gulmarg 1 Night 2 Days

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2 Days
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