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About Dhobi Waterfall

Dhobi Waterfall is located facing the famous Elphinstone Point. The waterfall is enclosed on all sides with rocks and the water drops down into the Mahabaleshwar Valley and in the end meets the Koyna River. Set amidst lush green valley, the autumn is a perfect picnic spot to spend a fun-crammed day with circle of relatives and friends. The excellent time to visit the falls is in rainy season or just after wet season over. These set of charming waterfalls join Lodwick. Surrounded by using greenery and rocks, those are perfect for a surreal experience amidst nature. It is loaded with vantage points like Arthur's seat and Elphinstone Point that provide stunning views of the splendid panorama of the Western Ghats.
Revel in no longer to be missed in Mahabaleshwar. Streams can turn out to be wider and shallower simply above waterfalls because of flowing over the rock shelf, and there is mostly a deep place just under the waterfall due to the kinetic electricity of the water hitting the bottom. However, a observe of waterfalls systematics stated that waterfalls may be wider or narrower above or under a falls, so nearly some thing is viable given the proper geological and hydrological putting.
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