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Bombay Point Trip Packages
Bombay Point Trip Packages
Bombay Point Trip Packages
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About Bombay Point

Bombay Point is one of the most popular viewpoints of Mahabaleshwar and is prevalently known as Mumbai Point or Bombay Point. This is the place from where individuals can see the brilliant nightfall over the valleys beneath at Mahabaleshwar. The Bombay Point is the most established purpose of Mahabaleshwar and the fact of the matter is named so attributable to its area on the old Bombay street. The spot has a substantial open space with a bandstand.

It is a perfect spot for late evening excursion. Nightfall point is the most swarmed point as a result of the way that one can't see anything at different perspectives at that time. Numerous exercises like Horse riding, Choupati diversions are prominent with the travelers now. There is a darlings point to one side of the Mumbai point. The point has an open space, which is given a bandstand. Plan an outing here and value the lovely sight of the sun setting in the horizon.

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