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Adilabad Fort Trip Packages

Adilabad Fort

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About Adilabad Fort

The Fortress of Adilabad lies on the south-eastern piece of Tughlaqabad on the Mehrauli-Badarpur street in Delhi and was assembled a couple of years after the fact associated with Tughlaqabad Fort by means of a kilometer long bouled. This fortification was built by Sultan Muhammed Bin Tughlaq, child of Sultan Ghiyaas-Ud-Din Tughlaq that was intended to emulate the stronghold of Tughlaq and delineates antiquated design of colossal inclining dividers with exposed surface, crenulations and a corbelled passage which is nothing in examination with the greatness of the Tughlaqabad Fort and is a littler rendition of it.

Truly, Muhammed Bin Tughlaq was likewise extremely attached to lovely posts and invested a large portion of his energy arranging the design of his freshly discovered city named 'Tughlaqabad'. Like his dad, he proceeded with the development of this post and later broadened his city over colossal sections of land of land spread in bottomless greenery and encasing the space that was left unused by the past ruler Alla-ud-commotion Khilji of the Khilji line lying between 'Siri Fort', 'Tughlaqabad City and the Qutb Complex in Mehrauli in Delhi that framed the new 'Jahan Panah' city of the Sultan and his tradition. You can come and explore this place.

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