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Batna in Algeria

PlaceBatna in Algeria
Area Algeria
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About Batna in Algeria
Batna is the important city of Batna province and is also identified as the fifth-largest city in Algeria. It is positioned in the Aurs Mountains at height of 1,048 m (3,438 ft) above sea level and has a semi-arid-climate which results in moderately gloomy summers and sheer chilly and welter winters. The city means a lot for youngsters as introduces them an array of entertainment resorts which are existing everywhere in the city . These basically include Seffouhi Stadium, Cite Ennaser, Muncipal Cultural House and Islamic Cultural Center. Not only this, the city also offers a very attractive childrens park located in Kechida together with the Youth House in Cite Ennaser. Furthermore, the night life of Botna in Algeria is bound by some religious and cultural limitations, which is why, there is no night clubs here. But, still you can enjoy the the enthusiasm and zeal of localities by taking a stroll around "STAND" areas and Les alles Benboulad, particularly during your summer vacations. Moreover, there are some traditional eating places within the city like (Chouwaya) or GARGOUTTIER, oriental bakeries, French, cafes. and a limited number of luxury restaurants that give you an exotic experience about Batna stay.
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