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About Sisters' Islands

Being located at the site of the Southern Islands, Singapore, these are the two most wonderful islands attract a huge number of tourists from across the country. These two islands are basically situated to the south of the main island of Singapore. Big Sister's Island covers an area of around 39,000 square meters which is also known Pulau Subar Laut in Malay. It faces the open sea, whereas, facing the mainland, the Little Sister's Island covers an area of about 17,000 m2, which is better known as Pulau Subar Darat in Malay. A narrow channel separates these two islands offering an amazing view. But this channel flows with a strong current what makes it quite dangerous to swimmers and divers. There is a beautiful story behind the creation of these two islands. The legend says that there were two sisters who had a strong bond between them. Once, a pirate chief abducted one of the girls to marry. The other girl tried her best to save her sister from the exile of the culprit. The sister who was abducted, she was also trying her best to get rid of this and while escaping, both of them were struck apart when two sisters got drowned. Later their bodies were not found anywhere in the sea but the place where both of them were drowned, two amazing islands took birth. Both of these islands are named after this. It is a perfect destination for the picnic goers decorated with shady palm trees and beach shelters naturally. The beaches and warm blue water of this island are quite impressive and making it a perfect destination to enjoy snorkeling, which are a preferred activity at the islands. The islands are also admired with campers and picnickers. Some of the richest reefs of Singapore are found in this amazing island. The water edging the beaches here are rich in coral reefs. There are multicolored types of coral reefs in Sisters Islands. The marine life that surrounds the island is also quite common like that of the seahorse, the giant clam, and the octopus. The islands here also rich in fauna, long tailed macaques are some of them. The reefs are completely filled up with splendid marine life where swimmers and snorkelers can enjoy swimming. Camping here can be another fabulous activity the island can offer you at its best. Just hire a chartered boat from Marine Pier to reach at this place.
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