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About Pulau Semakau

Pulau Semakau is a wonderful island located to the south of the main island of Singapore. Basically the Semakau Landfill is situated on the eastern side of the island, and was formed by the union of Pulau Sakeng which is also known as Pulau Seking. The Semakau Landfill is known to be the first offshore landfill in Singapore. It is the only remaining landfill in todays Singapore. Being located just 8km south of Singapore, this tiny island houses some of the most wonderful nature-related recreational activities in Singapore. In 2005, the park was opened to the public and since then it has attracted huge crowd of visitors from across the different corners of the country.

The park island is the home to numerous attractive activities like bird-watching, cycling, impressive sports, fishing, island walks, and star-gazing. However the clean water and fresh water of this island will make you feel recharged. Mostly untouched presence of plant and wildlife here offers an amazing ambiance to enjoy. The native flora and fauna flourish and grow here abundantly. There are numerous mangroves and coral reefs around the island what offer an enchanting look to the island. To reach at the island one has to board at a sea boat from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal or West Coast Pier. It will be wonderful sea journey of around 20 or 35-minutes.This is the only way to reach to this island. It is better to visit Pulau Semakau, with an organized group from the Nature Society, Sport Fishing Association, the Astronomical Society of Singapore or from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity. Another design trait of this island is the built-in channels that help to keep working the flow of seawater into non-active cells. It keeps the water fresh at all times.

There was a great impact on the environment of this island for constructing bunds on it. Today, after years of activities, and plantation, the mangrove, and residual natural habitats on the island are doing well. The environment of the island is again getting recharged as the closed cells, filled up with soil, are thriving. Fishes swim in and out of the lagoons and birds are seen in the air and on the open landscape. The aquatic lives are also flourishing now days as they are found to be thriving in the western shorelines of Pulau Semakau and in the mangrove mudflats. Different projects are started here recently including opening a Coral Nursery, Seagrass Monitoring, surveys on Intertidal Sponges and many more.

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