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Destination: Jamaica
This tropical paradise ever since it was discovered, has attracted first explorers and now millions of tourists to its breathtaking lands. Jamaica also boasts of its Blue Mountains which are arguably the best coffee producer in the world. Home of the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, Jamaica has portrayed its culture as its biggest tourism factor. And this has till now worked wonders for the country.Jamaica is the third largest country in the Caribbean, but it is nothing like the other Caribbean countries. Located right in the center of the Caribbean Sea, it covers an area of nearly 11,100 km2. Jamaica is not only naturally colorful, but also culturally multi hued. Do not forget to taste a freshly made cup of coffee from here, and no matter you do anything else or not, your trip would have already made all the sense. Everyone knows that when it comes to natural beauty, Jamaica is a piece of paradise, but what the country wants the world to know is the undiluted culture that it possesses. The hip hop culture has become famous all over the world. But if you wish to get the best of it all, visit the home of reggae and hip hop. For tourists who are looking for some of the most exemplary forms of adventure there are the gorgeous beaches with possibilities for the water sports an there are brilliant mountains that are full of trek routes. Choose your style of travel and Jamaica has something to compliment it. Kingston is the capital and the largest city of Jamaica. Situated on the southeastern coast, the city is clearly demarcated into uptown and downtown region. Though the city in recent has been pretty safe, it is advised that you get to know the city first and only then move out alone. The main attractions of the city are Bob Marley Museum, Devon House and National Gallery of Jamaica. Other important cities of Jamaica are Montego Bay, Portmore and Spanish Town.

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