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About Gogababa Tekdi

The Gogababa Tekdi is one of the first-class trekking places in Aurangabad and offers human beings of the city and even site visitors from out of doors a incredible vicinity to enjoy an invigorating trek and some quiet respite from the noise and disturbances of the city. The phrase Tekdi may be translated to ‘hill’ in english, and the Gogababa Tekdi shares the equal mountain variety as that of the Aurangabad caves.
Hikers can find a small and austere Goga Baba temple on the very top of the hill, and pay their respects in the event that they desire to. The view of the complete of Aurangabad is excellent from the top of the summit and numerous famous points of interest like Hanuman Tekdi, Bibi ka Maqbara and Devgiri Fort can be seen surely.Area of hobby in which vacationers visit, typically for its inherent or an exhibited natural or cultural price, historical significance, natural or built splendor, providing enjoyment and amusement.
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Aurangabad Tour Packages

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17 Days 16 Nights Mumbai Tour Package

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