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About Fiji

Fiji is one of the most beautiful and unique destinations in South Pacific. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, colorful corals and covered with lush green rainforest, Fiji flawlessly personifies the word Tropical Paradise. Fiji is a country which is synonymous with sun, sand and solitude; but there is much more to see and even more to experience in the beautiful islands of Fiji.This island nation is an archipelago of 322 small islands that hides in themselves the most varied landscapes that one could imagine. Out of these 322 islands, only 106 are inhabited. Most of these islands are mountainous with peaks rising to a height of 1300 meters.

Tourist attractions of Fiji encompasses a wide range of natural attractions, historical monuments and a flurry of dramatic landscapes. The tropical rainforest hides in its heart wonderful waterfalls, hiking routes, and distinct flora and fauna that makes every moment spend here worth it. Once you are in the clearing of clean and miles long beaches, the plethora of experiences open up in front of you. Either enjoy adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, or water skiing in the blue lagoons or just sit back and enjoy the views of sun setting on the horizon, a sight straight out of a picture book. However, scuba diving in the clear water and exploring the beauty of coral reefs is a must do for all tourists.

Nature is not the only entity that has made Fiji a heaven for tourists. The people of Fiji, with their elegant and artistic culture, and heartwarming friendly nature, makes every soul come to Fiji again and again. The colorful traditional clothes, rigorously maintained cultural rituals and traditions, and unbridled show of joy through dances, festivals and music is what put the culture of Fiji right at the top of Fijian tourist attractions.

Suva is the capital city of Fiji which is situated on the island of Viti Levu. It is the most important island of Fiji and together with

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