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Destination: Denmark
Situated in Scandinavia, Denmark is the southernmost country in the Nordic region. Denmark boasts of rich historical attractions, natural wonders and cultural diversity. Denmark, year after year, has topped the chart of being the happiest place in the world. It is said that happiest people on earth come to Denmark to learn the new mantra for being more happy. More often than not they return with desired result.Covering an area of nearly 43,098 sq. km, Denmark is bordered by Germany, Sweden, Norway and North Sea. Despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe this is among the number of small islands that constitute Denmark. Zealand and Funen in Denmark are the most important islands that attract most tourists. Most of Denmark is flat with average elevation of only 31 meters and the highest point is just 170 m above sea level. However, that does not stop Denmark from having the highest level of natural attractions, The country is saturated with numerous lakes and lush green pastures which remain visitable throughout the year. The first thing you will notice upon arrival is the fact that Danes are absolutely particular about cleanliness and the fact gets more prominent as you visit the many beaches on the Denmark coast. The clean beaches offer wonderful opportunities for water sports like surfing, swimming and sailing. History of Denmark, which reflects from historical buildings, palaces and castles, was glorified by viking raiders who once ruled most part of Denmark. You can today visit the many fortified castles build by vikings and stay at Fyrkat Viking Center which lets you live life exactly like the vikings raiders. Copenhagen is the capital and the largest city of Denmark. It is situated in the center of the largest island of Zealand. Considered among the most pacifying cities, Copenhagen is filled with number of palaces and other destinations of tourist interest. Other major cities of Denmark are Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Esbj

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