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Trinidad and Tobago

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About Trinidad and Tobago

It is hard to imagine Trinidad and Tobago without all its glitz, gala and the carnival. There is absolutely no hitch in calling the Trinidad carnival as the main attraction for thousands of tourists who visit the country every year. Nestling in the southern part of the Caribbean Islands group, Trinidad and Tobago is most famous for its exceptional carnival extravaganza and breathtaking coastline features. Trinidad and Tobago still remains largely unexplored. And the rewards are huge and hefty for tourists who do explore all the vistas of the country. Covering an area of nearly 5,128 km2, the nation consists of two main islands Trinidad and Tobago and many smaller islands. Insides of the country are mainly plain with thick forests and few mountainous regions as well. The carnival is celebrated mainly in the months of February and sees a huge crowd which comes in from many Caribbean countries. There just couldn't be a better time for this carnival for sure. It is also a splendid window to the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. The entire country offers opportunity for adventure sports. The interiors is good for hiking and trekking where as the coastline is perfect for water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. The marine life by the shores of Trinidad and Tobago is also exceptionally wonderful to explore. Port of Spain is the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago, but the largest city of the country is San Fernando. Port of Spain is situated in northwest region of Trinidad Island. The impressive skyline of Port of Spain is a true indication of the infrastructure developments, but are misleading on the actual ambiance of the city. The city still boasts about its cultural inclination and traditional ways of living. Known for its huge cricket craze, Port of Spain has numerous tourists spots to lure the tourists but the best are surely the many beaches it has. Other important cities apart form Port of Spain and San Fernando are Scarborough, Arima and Point
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