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Cover the Golden triangle trip with KTM Intercity Train Trip Packages

Cover the Golden triangle trip with KTM Intercity Train

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory Of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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About Cover the Golden triangle trip with KTM Intercity Train

Being a travel enthusiast, you must be wondering that how it will be possible for you to cover your journey to the terrific Muslim capital Kota Bharu that lies on the extreme north of Malaysia and south of the Thai border. Well, we have an answer to that. You can board the very luxurious yet comfy KTM Intercity train before the sun rise when it is an empty car and with the scorching sun that seems to look secretly over the horizon, it prefers to stop every 20 minutes to catch more localities that are basically inter-village commuters and surpasses along roadside to give you the fleeting look of capitals shopping arcades and makeshift mosques. Further, during the afternoon, you will feel its speediness as wishes to acquaint you with an ever-lasting unperturbed image of rich and loaded green jungle seems to welcome you and greets your departure with wild palms. However, the moment you switch to the north-south line at Gemas, your day will come to an end letting you roll right into dazzling Singapore. Furthermore, the most acknowledging fact about the capitals very adulating KTM Intercity train is that its age-old charisma. magic and fondness amongst the localities and the tourists has still not faded away with the introduction of improved highways and links. It is so because it wonderfully adjoins with Thailand railroads and reaches Singapore and accordingly allows you to cover the length of golden triangle that includes Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore offering you the picturesque vista of countryside at more comforting and slower pace. Nevertheless, despite facing loads of competition with expressways motorways, budget airlines, etc. which are known for offering shorter travelling time no means of transportation is able to surpass the grandness of KTM Intercity train, in Kota Bharu, Malaysia and therefore lies in the good books of travelers.

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