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Mother's Day 2018

Event Name : Mother's Day 2018
Venue : United States of America
Start Date : Sunday, 13-May-2018
End Date : Sunday, 13-May-2018

Mother's Day 2018

"Maa" in Hindi or "Mother" in English may pronounce differently but the feeling of respect and endless love is same. Mother is a real world for a child and he just wants to see the world from her eyes. Every child may a girl child or a boy child feels very close to his/her mother and her presence or even if she is around just a word "Mumma" bestows an inner contentment that may all was not well before now everything will be fine as her mammoth blessings are with us.

The first effort was made by women's peace groups to establish a "Mother's Day" in the U.S. It was on May 8, 1914, when it was officially d by US President Woodrow Wilson and he signed a Joint Resolution designating Mother's Day celebration. One cannot make a count of what she has been doing for us since we were born. We cannot pay back to her sacrifices and to her entirety that makes us feel complete and confident.

It is an annual celebration that recognizes motherhood, mothers and maternal bond. Have you ever thought that our good character, likability and values, all are her endowments which she has given to us while we were growing. So, always do something which raises her head high in the society and just don't forget to say 'Mum we all you' everyday irrespective of you being so occupied.

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