Basel Fasnacht : Carnival of Basel 2017

Event Name : Basel Fasnacht : Carnival of Basel 2017
Venue : Basel
Start Date : Monday, 06-Mar-2017
End Date : Wednesday, 08-Mar-2017

Basel Fasnacht, also known as Carnival of Basel, is a cultural celebration in the Swiss city of Basel. This is a fun event with music, dance, drinks and songs. The participants enjoy a nice time during the three days of celebrations and give this event a different identity. The city of Basel is very often known as the Cultural Capital of Switzerland and the University City. It is situated in the heart of Europe, on both banks of the Rhine river. The Basel Fasnacht or the Basel Carnival is is a premiere cultural event in the year that works as a landmark for this part of Switzerland. The Basel Fasnacht is not only the biggest in Switzerland, but also one of the most crowded one of the world. People, both locals and travelers take part in this event with zeal and enthusiasm. The usual way of celebration is another intriguing factor of this festival. Celebrated for three days, Basel Fasnacht is said to be the only Protestant carnival in the world. The whole atmosphere is festive with a party like mood and it is accompanied by dance, music, singing and drinking. The participants dress up as clowns and entertains the onlookers with their antiques. The formal start of the celebrations begin with a bonfire and then follows the parades and enjoyments. The highlights of these proceedings are the Dance of Death (Totentaz) and the Masquerade (Nummenschanz) performances. Along with that, the street musicians make some melodious sounds with the drums, flutes and other instruments. The performers keep engaging the spectators with witty comments and some real funny remarks. You should give Basel Fasnacht a try and let enjoyment take over.

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