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About Tibet

There is absolutely nothing in Tibet that can be called ordinary. For this very fact, Tibet is often referred to as 'Roof of the World'. The barren lands stretching miles and abruptly interrupted by a snow clad mountain, the deep running valleys cut by crystal clear rivers, isolated buildings atop the highest peaks, is a sight beyond words.Sandwiched between India and China, Tibet has an average height of 4900 meters and this makes it the highest region on earth. Tibet covers a total area of 1,228,400 sq. km, of which most part is controlled by China and some part by India. Tibet has forever been a source of awe and mystery for people around the world. Most parts of Tibet are plain barren deserts, too cold for any vegetation to grow. But it is these lands that are inhabited by Tibetan people and turned into a little paradise. Buddhism is the main religion followed here which chiefly defines the culture as well. Tibet has some of the most stunning looking monasteries scattered in all parts of the region. The dim candle lit halls, the embedded silence and the smell of incense and butter lamps engross all your senses and transport you into another world. These monasteries are among the most important ones for Buddhism. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and also the largest. Literally meaning 'Holy City', Lhasa is a destination of extreme contrasts. Whereas one part of the city is marked with bustling markets, other parts personify silence and calmness. It is home to the famous Potala Palace which is considered one of the most stunning works of architecture anywhere in the world. Jokhang Temple is another major attraction of Lhasa. Other important cities of Tibet are Xigatse, Gyantse, Zhangmu and Nagqu. Tibet might be the most breathtaking destinations in the world, a rare masterpiece by nature, but it is not very simple to tour this region. There are several stringent rules which one has to follow in Tibet. There is a prohibition on individual
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