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El Salvador

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About El Salvador

El Salvador is a country which proclaims out a statement that size does not matter. It has over the years impressed everyone with with its tourism promotion and has in fact turned its small size into a boon. The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador geographically nestles on the edge of North America. With nearly 7 million people living in an area of 21,040 km2, El Salvador is also the most densely populated country in Central America. Situated on Gulf of Fonseca, El Salvador shares a border with Guatemala, Honduras and Pacific Ocean. El Salvador has one side of the country filled with mountainous lands and the other marked with golden beaches. And inside, the country is strewn with active volcanoes, stunning lakes and culturally and historically rich cities; making El Salvador a destination for all. The cities of El Salvador are still only getting the infrastructure in place and gearing up to welcome a lot more for tourists. The country has one of the strongest economies in Central America and it is visible in the cosmopolitan nature of the cities. One can see sprawling shopping malls coming up in almost all corners of major cities. Other attraction of El Salvador is the rich history which is reflected from the many Mayan civilization buildings across the country. San Salvador is the capital and the largest city of El Salvador. It is home to some of the most historical attractions of the country. Some of the must watch destinations in San Salvador are National Palace, plaza Gerardo Barrios and Plaza Morazan. It is also home to the only international airport in th country. Other major cities of El Salvador are Santa Tecla, Acajutla, and La Libertad.
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