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About Guatemala

One of the most attractively looking countries in Central America, Guatemala has always been known for giving a power-packed performance through its striking features and powerful indigenous culture that results in alluring loads of holidaymakers towards it. Further, it is sprinkled with Mayan ruins, orchids, volcanoes along with mountainous and heavily forested personality that typically presents an opposite image to its bloody past and troubled present.Guatemala holds a vital position in the most important countries of Central America. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Mexico to the north and west, the Caribbean to the east, Belize to the northeast, and El Salvador and Honduras lies on the southeast. The geographical location of Guatemala is extended up to 108,890 km (42,043 mi), and about 13,276,51population resides here. Further, note that its capital city is Guatemala City, and all over natives prefer to speak in Spanish along with 22 indigenous languages. Coming here would enrich you about Guatemala's highly distinctive and rich culture, which is a result of long fusion of elements of native Maya people and Spain. The long- standing natural prettiness and its diverse past have made this tourist destination well-heeled in scenic and interesting sites. Being in travel, we assure you that Guatemala tours will really prove the best tours of your life. It so because they take you through the colonial city of Antigua, volcanoes of Guatemala highlands, and the ancient Maya ruins of Tikal. Plus, also provide you an opportunity to spend some memorable moments here with the indigenous families that would again help you in understanding the colorful local culture of the country in a much better way
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