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Abhishek Sinha
30 June 2015   Ghaziabad to Rishikesh
5 ★
awesome experience.
9 April 2015   Delhi to North India
4 ★
Refreshed with greenery, pleasant stay and courteousness of Harideep Vatika team :)
4 April 2015   delhi to rishikesh
4 ★
Best experience with Camp and activity
Ajay Jasra
23 June 2014   Delhi to rishikesh
4 ★
THE CAMP: The camp is uphills and not on river bed. River bed camps have more temperature than Bijni camp. The average temperature here is 10 degree below that of Delhi and 5 degree of river bed camps. This is an ideal place for writers and researchers. THE SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT: The way to the Camp site from Rishikesh lack direction sign boards, especially at crucial points and turnings. The existing road side sign boards of Harideep Vatika are placed for high beam only, on low beam driving you are bound to miss them. The creative of those sign boards is also not legible. MANAGEMENT: To begin with the people who are running this Camp (Hari and Deepak) are good people! Not typical tourist fleecing types, rather accommodating and willing to go out of the way to please the guests. People who serving at camp site are darlings of a kind. Cook is good and house keeping staff is also nice. THE SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT: Their tour packages offers are extremely illogical. One should bargain deals with them. The soft skills of house keeping and other staff needs professional training. Uniform is a must. The personal look (especially the hair cut) and smile on a face are some of them traits, that will make those people who are already good at heart, more beautiful. AMENITIES: The tent accommodations smell plastic or rubber during the day. Huts are good but their bathrooms need a great improvement. The back-walls of bathrooms need plastic covering as they have holes. The hooks to keep dry clothes are missing. The washbasins should be attached to platforms where some one can put toothpaste, shaving kit etc. And the floors have ticks crawling. FOOD: The food is too good - tasty and fresh. You can order your menu for the next meal and the staff bends backwards to fulfill the demand. One can order tea and juices as many times and no one faces when you make such orders. THE SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT: The restaurant area needs hygienically better. Dogs sleeping under dinning tables are strictly prohibited. The cook should look like cook (uniform etc) and serving staff too need soft skill training. Good thing is that they are good in their overall behaviour. The food need no big improvement. The only suggestion is local recipes like kulth and bhatt ki daal and non-veg cooked in pahari style could also be suggested to the guests. THE GAMES & TOURS: The white water rafting and burma bridge activities etc at camp site make memorable events. The rafting team (Noni and Udit) and others are also good professionals. Rock climbing team is great. Jungle ride was great but need improvements. The driver at Rajaji national park took extra pains to show us the animals, which we ourselves otherwise fail to spot. The guide a funny fellow, was also good at heart. Face off with elephants was memorable event. THE SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT: The white water rafting should start from slow water and training of falling from boat should be given in first place so that people can enjoy the same during the ride. The ride should end at the last point in Rishikesh. The changing rooms (especially for ladies) post rafting sulks. We have had to change in lousy darkroom with no electricity; it was some kind of onion godown. Guest should be told about 2 kms walk from Laxman Jhula to Paramarth Niketan, so that they can decide if they would walk or take a ride. Their are no games for kids below 10 years, more so they don't have safety harnesses of kids' size. Tour to Rajaji National Park is good experience. The park is closed between June 15 to November 15. The vehicle that was used pathetic. Jeeps are better options. Overall the trip had many great moments, thanks to Harideep Vatika management and staff...
Madan Jain
28 July 2018   Davanagere to Haridwar
1 ★
fraud company never ever beleive these kind of agents.the moment you send the amount in advance,they will stop picking the phone and will not response to anything.no bookings will be done, nor amount will be refunded.
About Harideep Vatika
Harideep Vatika is the famous brand serving in Jungle Camping < /br> < /br>Vatika means EEE.... Excitement... Entertainment.. and Enjoyment < /br> < /br>This is the best destination for a nature lover. < /br> < /br>It is just 25 KM ahead from Rishikesh toward to Neelkant Mahadev Mandir side Near Bunji Jumping Office. < /br> < /br>The site is around 7 KM far from Ganga River and around 1 KM far from Small River Hewal Nadi also a natural fountain is attached with the site < /br> < /br>Vatika have around 9 Acre area for this jungle camping site. < /br> < /br>Customer Safety is our first responsibility. < /br> < /br>No Land sliding problem... < /br>No Water Flood problem.... < /br>No wild animal attack problem.... < /br> < /br>Hygienic Food, Filtered Water and arrangement of soft drink and juices. < /br> < /br>24 Hour Electricity. Backup Generator is also available. < /br> < /br>24 hours cell phone connectivity and Internet via Data Card service < /br> < /br>The view is heart touching. Everything is natural. < /br> < /br> < /br>

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D-34 Old Gupta Colony, Model Town, North Delhi
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