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Bountiful Salonga National Park

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PlaceBountiful Salonga National Park
Area Zaire
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About Bountiful Salonga National Park
National Park are in abundance here in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, the noteworthy Salonga National Park comes into picture. It incorporates the huge land area of 3,600,000 hectares, and including two sectors which are segregated by approximately 45km stretch of land and is nearly same in size. The park is situated in spacious central basin of the Zaire River in the equatorial areas of Kasa and Bandundua and its height varies from 350m to 700m rising from west to east. Amazingly, the place was included in World Heritage List in 1984, accessed mainly by the means of water transport. Just like any other national park, the Salonga Park also abodes various animal species that occupy the region. You must have heard of Dwarf Chimpanzee, it can also be observed here in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Plus, giant groung pangolin, tree pangolin, leopard, elephant, Congo water civet, African golden cat, bush pig, okapi, and many more comfortably reside here and enjoy company of their other friends like yello-backed dukier, pygmy Cape buffalo, Angolan mongoose. Beside, what is said above, the striking species of bird like cattle egret, Zare 'peacock', yellow-billed storks, black stork , and so on are a wonderful gift to the nature lovers.
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