Watersports- Major attractions of Tuinisia

Tunisia, whose terrains are generally covered with glorious coastlines features loads of hotels and resorts and is a perfect destination to take benefits from various water sports such as surfing, sailing, diving and swimming. Being an outsider, it is for sure that you will be speechless to see what is offered by the attractive coral reefs and multi-colored sea-life underwater available in distinctive coastal beaches of the country. Tunisias vast stretches of sandy beaches are absolutely safe for your family fun. So, be relaxed even if you are carrying you kids with you. Some eye-catching coastal beaches are also stocked with first-rate accommodations and added arrangements further give you some stunning water sports activities to take delight in. The unconditional support to make your experience more memorable is given by Tunisias favorable climatic conditions, geographical landscape, clear waters, diverse sea life, and coral beds, all make the beaches more like an accessory for the vacationers. The huge and awesome variety of fish creates ample opportunity for you to go try the game of fishing. Catches contain ray, groupers, dogfish, shrimp, crayfish and mullet. Wet suit may only require between November and April. The months of April and June are prominent for fishing spectacles like watching coral fishing at Tabarka, sponge fishing at Sfax, octopus fishing off the Kerkennah Islands, etc. However, the life under sea-water is positively worth-exploring as full of unique varieties of flora and fauna, which you may not find anywhere else in the world.

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