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Paris - A Paradise For Foodies!.

Paris - A Paradise For Foodies!.

Paris is actually a city more than just eying the Eiffel Tower. Well, we cannot deny the fact that Paris also nestles the Fashion World in its womb but we have more to unravel about Paris. Few know that Paris in France is also a food junction for all those who have a crave for mouth smacking french delicacies. Let us take you in the bylanes of Paris to get a mouthful of these delicacies.

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1. Grard Mulot:

This is now a happy hunting ground for the foodies! A bakery and catering outlet in rue du Pas de la Mule, G?rard Mulot is place where the aroma of some delicious and mouth watering cookies and pastries awaits you. The mere view of the pastries rich with chocolate and coconut pieces is enough to ring the hunger bell in your belly.

2. La Cagnotte de Belleville:

If you are a bit tired after a long day of sightseeing (chances are less though), fly to this bar to get flown away in 13 Rue Jean-Baptiste Dumay. Here enjoy a heart warming meal with steamed coffee during the day time. As night falls the bar wears a festive look and becomes a meeting point of the people who celebrate the evening with some classy wine and soothing music.

3. Fromagerie Trott

A tiny establishment in Marais, this is a cheese shop. But what makes it feature in this list is the preparation of the cheese. The entire store assumes a aura that is hard to pass by. This shop specializes in goat's cheese. The store might be of a minor appearance, but the impact is big, real big!

4. Benoit:

Located in Les Halles, Benoit is a comparatively old restaurant. But the local folks swear by its quality and taste when it comes to the food. The restaurant with its mosaic floor and brass rails gives it the required look it deserves. Don't miss the pudding they serve!

6. Rue Mouffetard:

Street market lovers, load up your empty bags with some street shopping! Rue Mouffetard in 5th Arrondissement is all that you need. This place will take you take you to the good old days of Paris with its tasty street food, bargaining buyers and village folks selling their stuffs. You could possibly hit the bar nearby Rue Mouffetard to sink up you throat and soul! All these places might not find room in many travel itineraries for Paris. But, without any real doubt, they carry with them the glimpses of a Paris that is hardly visible for a general tourist. Come out of the time bound travel plans and hire a cab to dive dip into these off the track attractions. Time to roam around in Paris like a gypsy...

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