Yachts That Sets The Seas On Fire!

Yachts That Sets The Seas On Fire!

They float over the turquoise blue waters of the border less seas across the ports and harbours. They move in style and aura over shadowing the all limits of luxury on water. They are the luxury yachts that has been an extension of the personality of the owners and of course, their wealth.

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Here is a list for you - Yachts That Sets The Seas On Fire!

1. Yachts That Sets The Seas On Fire!

The stories of the ancient sailors and sea adventures had not only enthralled us as kids, it continues to do so and we, at times, feel like standing on the mast of a ship and brave the brutal wind on our own. The artists are never behind to behold this feel in the most romantic manner, be it the fanciful and exciting story of a Sindbad or the Coleridge master piece- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. However, the enigma of sea voyage still captures a vital part of our mind and soul (no need to be a Sindbad or an ancient mariner). The old time glory is still there, but the means have changed. The wooden ships of past are now replaced by the ultra posh yachts that goes way beyond than just being a sea transportation mode. This fact will be further concreted after you have a rendezvous with the Rising Sun, a five storey yacht with 82 rooms. Owned by Larry Elllison, its 453 ft long structure is spacious enough to accommodate a basketball court, helipad, a movie hall and a deck of 9,900 sq ft. Microsoft co-owner, Paul Allen is the proud owner of Octopus, the super yacht with a length of 416 ft housing seven boats, pools and even two helicopters also is not lagging behind. A 40 people strong crew and a 10 person submarine speaks volumes about its luxury and grandeur. If 40 crew member are not enough to make your jaws drop, then what about a yacht that flaunts a team of 60? The 354 ft long Lady Moura, belonging to Naseer Al- Rashid of Saudi Arabia is all about that apart from an inbuilt beach with sand, a pool and a terrace. Designed by Craig Loomes, the 486 ft long Trimaran is a stunning sea jewel that makes way through the waves at a speed of 50 knots. The guests can enjoy the facilities this mega yacht offers- an internal harbour, swimming pool, sunbath rooms, a majestic hall, a bar and many more. These modern creations that keeps glowing like a pearl on the blue surface of the mysterious sea has both tourist value and luxury quotient. You can easily plan a vacation in accordance with the yacht voyages and get the opportunity to experience the sea one on one!       

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Struck by Wanderlust? Get best quotes on your favourite destinations

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