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Would You Fancy a Seat in a Windowless Plane?

Would You Fancy a Seat in a Windowless Plane?
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The concept design was based on technology used in mobile phones and televisions and hails from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), which is a U.K.-based cutting edge technology association. The windows would be flexible ones and replaced by screens projecting footage from cameras on the side of the plane.It will be also equipped with a menu of pre-recorded images which can be changed according to the will of the passenger. The passengers would be able to surf the internet as well. "Removing the windows from the aircraft would reduce its weight and therefore the cost for the passenger and airline", CPI said. "We had been speaking to people in aerospace and we understood that there was this need to take weight out of aircraft." "Follow the logical thought through. Let's take all the windows out - that's what they do in cargo aircraft - what are the passengers going to do? If you think about it, it's only really the people that are sitting next to windows that will suffer." "We are talking about it now because it matches the kind of development timelines that they have in the aerospace industry."

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