World's First Gondola with In-Built Sauna

Yllas ski resort, not only has Finland's longest and highest gondola, but the world's only Sauna Gondola. The Sauna Gondola can hold 4 sweaty people at a time, is wood-clad, has one-way windows, and made according to the Finnish sauna culture, meaning prepare to go in naked.

World's First Gondola with In-Built Sauna


Located in the ski resort village of Yllas in Finnish Lapland (150km north of the Arctic Circle), the sauna gondola is operated by Sport Resort Yllas and runs on the 2km-long ski lift that brings skiers from the base station to the top of Yllas, about 800m above sea level.

At the top, if you feel the need for more sauna action, you can hang at the highest sauna in Finland (complete with fireplace, showers, and frozen dipping pool - for the full Finnish experience). You can rent the Sauna Gondola for 2 hours, and you and your 12 friends can hang at the summit sauna and switch in/out of the Gondola. The combination gondola and main sauna package is 1,500 Pounds for 12 people.

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