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Winter Dishes And Drinks- Some New Entrants

Winter Dishes And Drinks- Some New Entrants

With the advent of winter in many parts of the world, there comes a paradigm shift in the food preferences of the people. Cold refreshing drinks and chilled beer are replaced with rich steamy dishes and warm pegs of rum and brandy. This comes as a natural consequence and we often tend to take it for granted. But not anymore! Today, we are going to don the connoisseur's hat and see what to try this season. Located in Amsterdam and designed on the model of an upscale Hans Brinker

Restaurant Greetje is the place to trace out to relish a classic Dutch winter dish named Stamppot. Prepared with potatoes mashed with any combination of vegetable like endive, cabbage, squash, parsnips, turnips, leeks, spinach or kale, it comes with big disks of smoked sausage or roast beef and Frisian sugar bread. A hunt following the trails of some toothsome meatballs would lead you to
Sweden, the meatball capital of the world. A proper winter dish, the meatballs are at their best in Den Gyldene Freden in Old Town Stockholm. Enjoy the cold atmosphere while biting into the meatiest meatballs presented with pickled cucumbers, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries in this restaurant that has a legacy of almost eighty years. Otafuku in Tokyo is a place where you can find Oden, a dish that includes fish cakes, hard-boiled eggs, tofu, slices of daikon radish simmered in fish stock with a dash of spicy mustard. An ethnic Japanese cuisine, Oden is too hot to handle! Coming to the drinks, this winter, if you are in Quebec, do go for the Caribou- a blend of vodka, brandy, sherry, and Canadian port. And by any wild chance, if it is during the late January to mid February, your experience would be unmatched as the epic Quebec Winter Carnival rolls in!       

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