Why you should travel solo in your 20s

Why you should travel solo in your 20s

  These days we can see our instagram feed and blogs filled solo adventurers taking over the world. As much as solo travelling looks great as a fashionable hobby with the pictures of amazing locations, exotic food and thrilling adventures it is one of the best ways to have a deeper connection with self. Twenties is the time to explore the best within ourselves, take risks and work towards the dream life. And getting out of the comfort zone is perhaps the most important and difficult step of this journey. Solo travelling gives you the sense of empowerment when you make every small decisions on yourself and doesn’t depend on anyone. It also gives you freedom to do whatever you want and how-so-ever you want. While travelling sounds so crazy and fun but when you have to go about it all by yourself the task can be a bit overwhelming. But that is what makes you a better person, Right? The moment you decide to go on a Solo trip is the moment your life begins to change and your most unconquerable fears and doubts are unfounded.  

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Here is a list for you - Why you should travel solo in your 20s

1. Freedom and Empowerment

Freedom and Empowerment


We are our best critics. We like to criticize and blame ourselves for even the smallest mistakes and never tend to credit for how long we have come. It’s time to take the authority of your life in your hands and trust me when you do the minutest things on your own without having to ask anyone it gives you a great sense of achievement. Trust me you will love yourself more than anything in the world.

2. Meeting new people

Meeting new people


There is a certain sense of comfort in meeting people who you don’t know. Millions of stories to be shared and getting to know the different perspective of lives. While it is always fun to hang out with your friends and family meeting new people can even change your lives at times.

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3. You Discover

You Discover


You get a better understanding of yourself. When you are alone you are in full connection with yourself, your desires, your priorities, your passion and your calling. You and your soul can be your best friends. Don’t waste this time and trust me you will return being a better version of yourself.

4. You can do anything you want


You can have all the pizza by yourself. Be in the bed the whole day reading or spend all your money on an adventure. Stay out the whole night or go on an early morning trek. You don’t need to depend on others or ask permission for anything at all. Isn’t it tempting enough to plan a solo trip soon?

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5. Make the memories of the lifetime


Perhaps the most important one. You would come back from the trip with a bunch of stories to tell, memories to unfold and mistakes to laugh upon. And that is how we grow, Right?

Make mistakes in your twenties so that you can have stories to tell when you grow old.

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