Why Kiev should be your next destination

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Why Kiev should be your next destination

1. Tour the Chernobyl Nuclear Zone

Tour the Chernobyl Nuclear Zone


Experience, what happened when the Chernobyl accident happened in  1986 when the nuclear accident took place and the explosion was so destructive, that it emitted 400 times more radioactive material than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Whereas Pripyat was a model town of Communist ideals where around, 50,000 plant workers and their families were living and when the disaster happened they were all evacuated leaving their thriving city as a ghost town locked in time. Later in 2011 the government officially opened the parts of the exclusion zone to the visitors, and now it attracts around 10,000 visitors every year.  It's where visitors can explore the small abandoned villages, Chernobyl Town, Giant “Secret” Soviet Radar, the reactor that caused all the problems and the abandoned ghost town of Pripyat.

2. Park Landscape Alley

Park Landscape Alley


Landscape Alley was designed as a part of history and architecture. Landscape Alley is one of the brightest and eye-catching areas in the Kiev. The amazing and nature and art makes it the most visited destination by the tourists, which completely attracts and mesmerize them with the work of art. The unusual fountains and a thirty-meter long wall adorned with mosaic work, animal shaped benches all will definitely be going to make you awe-struck.

3. Beach Time at Hydropark

Beach Time at Hydropark


There is nothing like relaxing near sandy beaches, and Hydropark is an island of complete entertainment in the middle of Dnieper river, there are plenty of options to keep yourself entertained at the beaches, one can indulge in a myriad of activities offered on the beaches. Enjoy the perfect sunset by sipping the cold beer, play volleyball and make the most of your time. 

4. Street Food at Kyivska Perepichka

Street Food at Kyivska Perepichka


Hot dog lovers? Then Kyivska Perepichka is a place to go to, as they have been selling these hot-dogs from past 30 years and there is no place like this, where you get such delicious hot-dogs. As is said there is a magic in their batter that makes it taste so delicious. So do not forget to try this street-food option in Kiev, Ukraine. 

5. Deepest Subway Station in the world

Deepest Subway Station in the world


Arsenalna station on Kiev Metro is one of the world's deepest stations with 105.5 meters below the surface. For commuters to board a subway train at Arsenalna station, they have to take two long escalators to the bottom which take them approx. five minutes. The main entrance to the station is located adjacent to the Dnieper River where the river's high banks rise above the rest of the city. The reason station was built this deep due to the geography of the Kiev, so if you are in Kiev do not miss to have an experience of the deepest Subway station in the world. 

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