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Uber introduces new safety alerts in the app

Uber introduces new safety alerts in the app


Since its advent in the year 2009, Uber has taken over the world for all the right reasons. The reason to this massive popularity lies in the fact of how accountable, transparent, safe and technologically advanced features Uber has brought in for its customers. The live GPS tracking to let the users share the live location and hiring experienced drivers are few of the safety factors that Uber has never failed to provide us with. However to bring out even better customer experience Uber has launched new safety features in the app to enhance the transparency and even better rides. 

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1. Dedicated support lines

Dedicated support lines


Although Uber app has the feature to report problems like ride cancellation, fee deduction and other minor problems that can be registered and taken care through the app. However sometimes there is no substitute for talking to the real person. Uber has introduced the feature in which the users would be able to talk to a real person for any assistance 24/7. These will be the trained agents who would have gone through recruitment and training to be able to answer all your queries.

2. Reporting serious issues to the police

Reporting serious issues to the police


If the rider has faced any serious problem they can report the issue directly to the police rather having to register the query with us. In case the driver is the victim or even wants to report the issue of someone’s behalf they would have to report to this police. Hence the issue would undergo an experienced level of analysis rather than the former approach where the Uber assistants looked into the matter. This feature was already being followed in London but might take over the rest of the world soon.

3. Driver’s license details

Driver’s license details


Uber has always been very strict in its customers safety and hiring the drivers. Every driver goes through a strict background check and the licensing process through the local authority. The required information is also shared by the rider so that they know when the driver arrives and thus can gain the confidence in the driver.

4. Driver Hours

Driver Hours


Whether you are a rider, pedestrian or an Uber driver, Safety matters for everyone. So once the driver has completed 10 hours of driving, a prompt would appear on the app pointing out to take a 6 hours break. This is to ensure that he driver is fresh and not tired throughout the trip.

With all these strict laws coming in place and the measures been taken for the safety of people it might be expected that the life of the riders can be safe. The initiative by Uber is really meant to make the users of the app and the public transportation quite relaxed when it comes to their life and its protection.

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