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Trekking in the Holy Adobe of Shiva: Bhimshankar

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Trekking has always been popular among those who wish to break away from the normal route and explore the surroundings. In the Indian state of Maharashtra, there lies a vast area of unexplored and untouched beautiful places that invites the travelers from all over the country. One such place is the holy adobe of Lord Shiva, Bhimshankar.

An alluring place to revel in spiritual and natural bliss, Bhimshankar is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. This place is located at a distance of around 200 kilometers from Mumbai and is a source of Bhima river. While at this holy place, one can find the influences of Indo-Aryan architectural style. The doorframes and pillar of the temple are adorned with fascinating carving that date back to the 18th century. The profusion of flora and fauna, soaring peaks and dense forest altogether characterize this spiritual place.

1. Reaching Bhimshankar
Reaching Bhimshankar_1458628627e11.jpg Photo by: Mouthshut

The best way to reach the trekking hotspot is to take a train from Mumbai to Karjat. Once there, you can hire the famous tumtum to reach Khandas village, which is almost 40 kilometers away from Bhimshankar. From here on, the travelers can opt to trek by either Shidi or the Ganesh Ghat route. The best time to visit this place id from August to February.

2. The Trek
The Trek_1458628627u20.jpeg Photo by: Trekhub

Both the routes are enthralling yet very challenging. Devotion is what drives people to trek to Bhimshankar.

3. Ganesh Ghat Route
Ganesh Ghat Route_1458628627u30.jpg Photo by: Wordpress

Almost 4 kilometers from Khandas Village, one can reach this route my taking a right from the main bridge. This one is a longer route, yet less challenging than Shidi route. You will reach the Ganesha Temple after an hour’s trek. This is also the base of Padar Killa. Trekking further for a few hours on the Padar Killa route will take you to the Bhimshankar plateau.

4. The Shidi Route
The Shidi Route_1458628628u40.jpg Photo by: Bcmtouring

To get on this route, you have to take a left from the Khandas Village’s main bridge. The steep natural path makes this trek shorter than the former but even more dangerous. After the lofty staircases, both the routes merge.

There are no hotels or resort in Bhimshakar. The travels can accommodate in either the Dharamshala or temporary huts. No matter how hard the trek is, reaching the holy adobe of Shiva is a thrilling experience in itself.

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