Trek To Asias Highest Monolith Savandurga  

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Trek To Asias Highest Monolith Savandurga


People who thought that there was no decent trekking place around Bangalore can be in for a pleasant surprise as Savandurga can offer the perfect trekking destination near to the city. It is the largest monolith hill in Asia and is situated at Magadi that is only at a distance of 60 kilometers from the city. It has a height of 4,000 feet and has been formed by two hills. The hill offers a perfect setting for a calm beginning to a trek and additionally, it has many types of herbs and medicinal plants. 


Route: Bangalore - Magadi - Savandurga

Time to complete the trek: 7-8 hours   

Difficulty level - Easy to Moderate


Making the start - When I first visited the hill, I could see rocky landscape with minimal green cover all around and as I started my ascent up the hill, I could see pristine nature at its best from a height. The trek started becoming more interesting as I progressed further. An hour later, I reached a bunch of granite towers those raise to the top of the monolith. The sight of those towers is majestic and one can just stop here and enjoy the serene surrounding all around. 


The two routes - Beyond the granite pedestal, there are two distinct routes out of which one terminates with a rock-carved Hanuman. As it is, I decided to follow this route and discover further because I sensed that there might be some forward way from here on. However, when the rock carving was found out, I was sure that it was a dead end and so I came back to the twin junction and decided to find out the other way.  
The best route - The second route was far helpful as I immediately understood that it will lead me all the way up to the top. This route passes by fort walls and rocky caves which point to the fact that it was inhabited during ancient times and some kingdoms must have used it for their purpose. This second trail is very scenic and hypnotic as it passes through mesmeric route and the view all around it was superb. I came to know that the hill fort was constructed in 1543 by Samantha Raya and during the Hoysala Rule, it was one of the major places but later it maybe went to some other king. 


The final climb - After the rocky caves and fort walls, the final ascent begins that can test a person's stamina and I was no exception. It took the breath out of me as it leads all the way to the top, that is Savandurga. Once I was at the zenith, all my hard work was rewarded as the view from the top was simply astonishing. The panoramic view from the top was phenomenal and quite gripping. The cool wind over there blew away all the fatigue that I experienced on the way. I relaxed there for some time and even had my lunch over there.
The final decent - As I started preparing for the final way down, I found out after the first few steps that it was not as hard as the climb. In fact, the downward journey took a lot less time and I even felt a lot better during the decent. As I started coming down, I was thinking of some other trek like this that can now be targeted. I was fully rejuvenated and felt extremely happy after visiting Savandurga and was already looking forward to visit the place all over again pretty soon.  


Conclusion - Although the trek is easy and interesting, I made it a point to ensure that I have the best pair of gripping shoes that can help me on a hilly terrain. I swear, that helped me a lot. I would like to share this secret with anyone who is looking forward for this trek. All in all, the ascent can be a steep one after a point but all the hard work will pay off once you reach the peak of Savandurga. The cool breeze and all round view from the place is simply magnetic due to which people like visiting the place for a trek.


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