Travel to celebrate pride around the world

Travel to celebrate pride around the world

In the past few decades, traveling around the world to celebrate pride is a common thing that millions of people visit and be a part of. This is a new movement that highlights the community diversifications through politics and parties and shows the world the celebration and pride even in the scenario while fighting for equal rights. Some of the top world destinations to celebrate pride across the globe are as follows:    

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Here is a list for you - Travel to celebrate pride around the world

1. Amsterdam

When to celebrate – 27th July to 4th August

This year, the Pride Amsterdam theme is a 5-night commemoration of the historic Stonewall riots. The demonstration of the watershed was held after seven years while the International Lesbian organized a protest which gradually grew and took shape of an event named Pink Saturday Roze Zaterdag. The event is held at multiple Dutch cities every year. Among the main events are the Pride Park and pride Walk where Vondelpark turns into an open-air theater that conducts and hosts several games, sports, and performances. Pride marches are held by different organizations including film, art, theater, events, sports, and films. This creates a festive mood throughout the city.

2. New York City

When to celebrate – 1st July to 30th August

This year, the Big Apple is open as a pride destination which is hosting a much bigger and better draw. It will be hosted by more than 50 World prides based in the United States throughout thirty days from the 1st to 30th of June. The expectations made by the organizations for the crowd have ranged up to 3 million. The mass crowd is expected to visit and watch the parties, rallies, and lectures that are conducted both through paid and free means. The Garden Party is to be kicked off on 24thof June which will provide immense benefit as a Human Rights Conference at the LGBT Community Center. This event will bring all artists, activists, top thinkers, educators, political figures, and writers under a single roof from across continents.

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3. Vienna

When to celebrate – 1st June to 16th June


The pride march is all about skin color, gender, and equality throughout the world. The pride march is a symbol of love spread and no barrier in languages. The recent 2019's EuroPride has launched a strong statement towards their mission which will be hosted in Austria's Vienna, which is intended to be delivered. Visitors are hoped to gather in millions from nearby and from other parts of the world in the Pride march to experience the opportunity during the time of the pride festival. The visitors can feel the richest experiences in the beautiful cities where the events are held throughout Europe.

4. Czech Republic's Prague

Czech Republic's Prague

When to celebrate – 5th August to 11th August


The Czech Republic is highly renowned for its gay-friendly nature along with the medieval buildings and the wonderful castles that surround the cities. This nation is gay-friendly throughout the Eastern and Central parts of Europe. This began in the year 2011 with an overall attendance of 25000 people where the Pride celebration was conducted in the city of Prague. This celebration took a turn in the years to follow and the level of celebration grew enormously with time where more and more people attend the celebration in recent years. In 2019, the festival is to be hosted for one week where more than 100 social and cultural events are to be hosted including the discussions, debates, spiritualism, events, sports, and other similar encounters. The organizers expect a total of one million worldwide visitors in the present year. It hosts a march that lasts for 3 hours and walks throughout the city covering essential spots like Wenceslas Square, Revoluční Streets, Příkopy, Letná Park, and Vltava River.

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5. Taiwan's Taipei

When to celebrate – 26th October and 27th October


In the recent year, Taipei expected 80000 visitors for their Pride celebration in October held at Taipei's Kaidagelan Boulevard which is also known as the East's San Francisco. This is with the expectation for the year's annual Pride event that is held in the Asian continent. There was a hope to celebrate the victory related to the major civil rights in the present year. This was a referendum and thwarted by the voters from Taiwan who thought of turning the island to be the primary and initial place throughout Asia where the same-sex unions would be allowed. The stalls in the Pride Village of the Kaidagelan Boulevard offer several organizations including the gay non-profit ones along with celebrities and local performers.

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