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In the era of technology, where artificial intelligence is in boom, gadgets are trying to improve human lives every second. In this trail travelling is no longer left behind in technology, travelling with latest smart gadgets is the new trend. These gadgets may sound bizarre, indifferent, disrespectful or crazy but trust me, how much crazy these gadgets sound but each of them have their own utility to make travel easy and convenient for people.


Have faced difficulty with co-passenger in flight due to armrest? Well no need to worry now, artificial armrest are here to help you, it makes a barrier between two seats that helps to avoid confrontation, these armrest provides you your own space, helps you to be seated comfortably and avoid unwanted strange touches with co-passenger.

Face Cradle
face cradle_1526384761s20.jpg

This neck pillow allows you to have comfortable sleep, where ever you travel, gives you a feeling that you are comfortably sleeping at on your bed. People often face problem of sleeping in airplanes or bus due to ious reasons, this face cradle gives you a feeling of comfort and makes your body relax which helps to attain good sound sleep during travelling.


Girls worried where to pee while travelling? Well technology believes in equality and have designed GoGirl, a urination device for girls that can be used by girls to urinate while travelling or campaigning. This is disposable device, which is clean and healthy to use. Now, girls you don’t need to wait for clean rest rooms during travelling.


Humidiflyer provides pure and filter air to people who have problem in breathing during flying, though flights have oxygen mask but Humidiflyer provides you additional benefit to have your own personal oxygen with you in case of any discrepancy with flight oxygen mask. It provides you clean and filter air to travelers.

Ostrich Pillow

Perfect way to cut sound and light and have relax sound sleep with no disturbance. Want to tell your co-passenger that you are not interested in any kind of engagements, then just take your ostrich pillow out and use it, your message will be conveyed. This comfortable pillow makes you relax and helps you to cut unwanted attentions during travelling.

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