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Meandering Into The Unknown Islands Of The World

Meandering Into The Unknown Islands Of The World

From the pristine white beaches of the Mediterranean to the glaciers of the Arctic, here are innumerable island gems that are off the beaten path. These unknown island destinations of the world take you into a state of trance. You just need to visit them to believe this reality.

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1. Brijuni islands

Famous for its scenic beauty, the Brijuni islands, off the west coast of Croatia is a cocktail of a resort and a national park as a whole. Totally, undisturbed by the urban rush, an ultimate sanctity to attain solace. The island boasts of ardent miles of unending coastlines with lush greenery that charms the heart with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. Beyond the beaches, one finds plenty of archaeological sites, which leave the tourists awestruck.

3. Isle of Lewis

Flying in from England, suddenly the clouds part just as they do when Peter Pan and the Lost Boys begin the descent into Neverland. And there it is, scantily populated, barely developed, fierce and forbidding Isle of Lewis islands in Scotland. What you see first is the Callanish Standing stones - rock formations that rival Stonehenge - and you would certainly crane your neck to catch a glimpse of those granite army with spears held high down the island's center.

4. Elba islands

Elba the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago is nestled within a periphery of just 90 miles of the Italian mainland. This tiny, picturesque island has small towns perched on rocky hill tops seeming like those hen feet houses of Baba Yaga from Russian fairy tales. What allures most are the ancient castles, plunging cliffs and sandy beaches overlooking a clear greenish blue colossal sea.

5. Svalbard islands

Svalbard islands, avidly known for its snow-capped glaciers, seems one of the most desired place when you think of an "island vacation." This group of islands not far from the arctic pole is one of the most hunted holidaying destination with Christmas season ahead.. What a delight for the eyes gulping in those rare views of white Whales spotted off the coast, and raising a toast with those friendly Svalbard Reindeers and polar bears. Apart from it, one finds Svalbard is connected with no roads. Boats and snowmobiles being the only mode of communication... Truly its exciting! Reliving those archaic ages, one feels ferried into the Jurassic era. What a journey into those myriad lanes with no bondage of time...it feels getting carried away into an eternal land of serenity with just those tinkle of gushing waves tickling our feet.Feel it, if you can ...

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